The advantage of a toroidal transformer is that the toroidal core itself is made of a granular highly alloyed iron tape, which is additionally thermally processed, so that a high level of permeability can be achieved. Due to the ring-shaped toroidal core, the length of the wire is shorter. The result of such shortening is minor internal resistance, which causes lesser heating and losses. Compared to regular transformers, toroidal transformers are very good at heat dissipation due to the shape of the spool.

Our company can produce a standard toroidal transformer or a transformer in accordance with your requirements:

– toroidal transformer power (from 10 VA to 3500 VA),

– toroidal core (standard or beyond the standard dimensions),

– insulated core (plastic covering or insulation tape),

– primary and secondary coil (one or more at the request of the customer),

– insulation between the primary and secondary coil,

– thermal protection (at the request of the customer)

– various connections:

  • zinc-plated PF conduit or insulation removed,
  • connection cord,
  • connectors,
  • terminals,
  • other, at the request of the customer,
    – installation:
  • simple installation equipment (rubber and metal plate),
  • potted middle with a hole in the middle,
  • installation into various housings (plastic or metal).



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