The company IET manufactures toroidal transformers and electronical components

We produce low-voltage single-phase and three-phase toroidal transformers, the power of which ranges from 10 VA to 3500 VA, as well as chokes, air coil inductors, RSO filters, rectifiers, and much more. We respect our tradition dating back to 1978. We trust in our values, which are based on professionalism, experience, and world-class quality, which is also guaranteed and regularly improved through ISO standards. Our own know-how allows us to develop sustainable products and enables us to maintain a long tradition. Furthermore, we can also adapt to our customers, as we produce our own toroidal cores.

Why choose us?

  • Our main goal is the quality of our products and customer satisfaction.
  • We are a family company.
  • We have been present on the market for more than four decades.
  • Our work relies on high professional standards.
  • Our products meet high standards.


Toroidal transformers

El Transformers El-66 + El-78

Compact rectifiers

RSO – chokes – filters

Current transformers


Air coil inductors

Industrijska elektronika Tovornik, trgovina v tranzitu Sonja Tovornik Jurhar s.p.

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