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The company IET Tovornik was founded by Edvin Tovornik in 1978. IET is a family company. In the past, the company developed and produced toroidal transformer, and this remains one of the company’s principal activities today. In later years, this activity was extended by producing stabilised rectifiers, RSO filters, and dedicated products. These are designed on the basis of coil technology developed by the company IET in cooperation with world-renowned manufacturers or exclusively for them. With the help of this activity, the company has managed to penetrate the market of the former Yugoslavia, Germany, Austria, and the domestic market. The company IET then also began working with institutes, such as SIQ and the German institutes VDE and TÜV.

In 2003, the company built another facility for manufacturing its products. Due to the increased production volume and the number of employees, the Director’s daughter, Sonja Tovornik Jurhar, founded her own company in the same year in which the new facility was built. Today, the company exports 80% of its products to the European Union, 15% to Slovenia, and 5% to former Yugoslav countries.

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Industrijska elektronika Tovornik, trgovina v tranzitu Sonja Tovornik Jurhar s.p.

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